Handyman added a headphone jack to an iPhone 7

The guy who built an iPhone 6S with pieces of Chinese stores has gone back to the beat. This time he was determined to prove that he could add a traditional headphone jack to an iPhone 7. And he succeeded, not like those who thought that drilling him wildly was enough.

In order to carry out the hacking, he took advantage that in the lower left corner of the iPhone 7 there is “an incredibly large empty space”, where he could install the connector. The trick to make it work was to bypass the Lightning connector used for power and ‘official’ headphones and design a printed circuit board with the equivalent electronics of the 3.5mm jack adapter of an iPhone 5.

The task was not easy: it took four months, seven different designs of the circuit and disassemble three iPhone 7 to achieve its goal. Due to the size of electronics circuits and welds, he had to examine them and connect them under a microscope. But now he has a phone “unique in the world.” The details are in his blog: Strange Parts.

Naturally all this is a project done for the sake of art, because it could have obtained the same practical result with a $ 10 adapter. But where would be then the challenge?



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