One of the most recurrent rumors of Apple’s upcoming products, beyond the car or services for the self-employed, are the so-called augmented reality glasses. Although analysts do not agree much about the viability of this type of products within Apple,  the truth is that it ends up being a recurrent rumor that is now put back on the table by the code of iOS 13.

A week after the special keynote in September, MacRumors echoes a documentation located within the code of Apple’s operating system that suggests  the development of an augmented reality screen mounted on the head – glasses, actually – is still underway.

The internal compilations of iOS 13 include an application called “STARTester” that works with a special head-mounted mode. Since the publican points out that this mounted mode would presumably be intended to replicate the interface and functionality of an iPhone application but through an external augmented reality system, with two special modes called worn and held.

In addition, the iOS 13 code also includes several lines of code with the name “StarBoard mode” and several “views” and “scenes”. Many of the strings refer to augmented reality, including “ARStarBoardViewController” and “ARStarBoardSceneManager”.

This could simply be advanced support for third party tools and not Apple’s own glasses, but since these are internal references in a development code, it is very likely that it is indeed some device or software that the company is testing. It may also be a reference to a HUD system for automobiles that displays information in augmented reality, but again it’s just suppositions about possible applications of this functionality, with nothing confirmed.


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