Will Siri become a journalist or will she just read us the headlines of the first news on the list?

Apple continues to evolve its Apple News+ news service. A subscription service that gives us access to well-known publications and media (and others not so famous: we have signed up today; let’s see if they accept us) for a monthly fee. It seems that the next step for Apple News+ will be a change in format, as Apple intends to add audio as a way of accessing content.

Several Apple News+ Audio clues could be found in the iOS 13.5.5 beta code. A service that, according to the phrase found “listen to a quick summary of today’s most important stories”, will offer a format to catch up on the most important news without reading.

Going one step further, 9to5mac has gained access to this new function and offers us some screenshots of the interface. The interface is very similar to Apple News+, but with a red “Play” button at the top right that gives access to the audio clips. By touching the play button we can listen to the latest news or play the news we are interested in.

The player, similar to the one we find in the Podcasts app, allows us to go forward or backward 15 seconds, as well as to jump to the next news item and adjust the playback speed.

According to the iOS 13.5.5 code, this function will be integrated with Siri so that, in addition to working on the iPhone or iPad, we will also be able to use it on our HomePod. At the moment, we do not know if this function will be available with iOS 13.5.5, although it seems to be the most probable.


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