The screen is one of the most fragile components of our smartphone, and it can easily crack or break in the event of a fall or accidental impact.

You can be in one of these three situations:

  • you have signed up for the AppleCare+ service, which includes screen breakage
  • that you have taken out insurance for your Apple phone that covers screen breakage
  • that you don’t have either of the above.

In the first two cases you only have to access the Apple website or the insurance company’s website to follow the repair process.
In the third case, you have all the options listed below.

Change the screen of the iPhone in the official Apple technical service or authorized providers

Although this is the most expensive alternative, changing the iPhone screen at the official Apple technical service or at authorized providers is the most recommended option. In this way, you can be sure that the panel you are going to install is official and the company will take care of any problem derived from the repair.

Is iPhone screen repair covered by warranty or Apple Care?

We are sorry to say that in most cases it is not. Apple will only replace the panel if it has broken due to a manufacturing defect, but, as the corporation claims, most screen repairs are caused by accidental damage, so they are not covered by Apple’s warranty.
Only AppleCare+, the most expensive plan with the most coverage, allows users to benefit from discounted prices on repairs for accidental panel breakage.

How much does it cost to change the iPhone screen at Apple?

It is not cheap. From about $150 for the oldest phone to about $550 for the largest and most modern phones.

If you decide to have your broken iPhone screen repaired by the official technical service, you can request the repair through the Internet on the Aplle website. Here, you will find two options available to you:

  • Take your smartphone to be repaired by finding a local Apple Authorized Service Provider or by making a reservation at the Genius Bar. To request the repair, you need to enter your Apple ID and password, and you can search for the nearest store to the location you choose. If the store has a reservation option available, you will be able to make an appointment. In addition, the system will inform you if the stores have same-day screen repair service available.
  • Send your screen to the Apple Repair Center of your choice. With this option, the company will pick up your cell phone at the address you indicate, will carry out the repair in a maximum of five working days and will send you your iPhone repaired. If you choose this alternative, you will have to add the shipping fee to the price of the repair.

Change the iPhone screen in a third party repair service

Another alternative you have at your disposal is to change the iPhone screen in a third party repair service. Most likely, non-Apple related repair shops will offer you a cheaper price for the replacement of the broken panel, saving you a lot of money.

On the other hand, if your iPhone is still covered by the warranty period, replacing the screen in a third-party service may cause you problems. Therefore, if your iPhone is in the warranty period, it is not recommended to replace the screen in a third party service, because it could cause you problems in case you need to carry out another repair that is covered by the warranty.

In case your smartphone is no longer under warranty, you can replace the screen at a third party service if you wish. However, it is recommended that you go to a reliable place, that they inform you about the characteristics of the component that they are going to install and that they offer you a minimum guarantee in case something stops working well after replacing the component.

Changing the iPhone screen on your own

If you have knowledge of electronics and think you are capable of changing the iPhone screen on your own, what you can do is buy a panel of your iPhone model and replace it yourself. However, as in the previous case, it is only recommended that you do this when the device is no longer under warranty, since otherwise it could cause problems if you need some coverage.

To help you change the screen of your iPhone yourself, you will find many tutorials on the Internet that show you how to do it step by step. You can buy the spare part in online or physical stores, as well as in second-hand stores, but before buying the screen make sure it is a quality panel.


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