Along with all the other news Apple has launched a new cleaning cloth for the screens of our devices. A cloth that is sold in the Apple Store and in the online store for 25 dollars and has already sold out of stock. If we want to get one, we will have to wait at least until November 19.

Recall that this is the second time that Apple launches a specific cloth for our products. After the presentation of the Apple Pro Display XDR and its optional anti-glare finish, the company quickly warned that it was necessary to use a specific cloth to avoid damaging the nanotexturing of the screen.

Now, with the launch of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has repeated the maneuver and has made available in its store a small cleaning cloth for 25 euros. A cloth very similar to that already delivered with the Pro Display XDR, which can now be purchased separately from the screen itself.

There has been quite a lot of humor at this move, but the fact that the first units have as delivery date between 19 and 26 November indicates that Apple has succeeded in the maneuver. In the end, many of us are looking for a good chamois to clean the screens of our products, especially those of Macs, without damaging them in the least.

While it might have been expected that a product like this would go unnoticed among the mountain of new products we are seeing, the truth is that the situation has been just the opposite. Without any official data on the matter, it is easy to imagine that Apple receives, both in stores and in Apple Care, a multitude of questions about how to clean the screens of our Macs and other products. These questions have been answered in the simplest way: by providing us with just what we need.


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