Analytics firm IDC has released its latest wearables market estimates and results for major brands. Apple, with Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats takes the first position in market share worldwide, and the AirPods Pro have caused it to differ even more from the second in this last fiscal quarter.

As reported by IDC, Apple could have sold a total of 29.5 million wearables in the last quarter. “Could” because they are estimates and there are no official data to confirm it. These 29.5 million wearables are a huge amount if we consider that in 2018 on the same dates were sent only 10 million wearables. The reason for this increase? According to IDC the popularity of AirPods (with the launch of AirPods Pro in addition) and the low price of Apple Watch of previous generations.

Wearables sold top 5 by IDC

With 29.5 million units sold, Apple ranks first among wearable manufacturers with a 35% market share according to IDC data. The second place is for Xiaomi with 12.4 million units sold, Samsung in third place with 8.3 million units and close the Top 5 Huawei and Fitbit.

Relevant also highlight the income of each company with their wearables, while brands like Xiaomi have wearables that have a starting price of 20 dollars for the simplest activity wristbands … in Apple the lowest price we will find is the basic AirPods to about 120 dollars. In fact, only by their wearables Apple can enter almost in the top of Fortune 200 companies.


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