Nostalgia has been short-lived: the Rewound app has now been removed from the App Store for violating store rules. The app can no longer be officially downloaded from the App Store because it does not meet Apple’s requirements, as published by its developer in an explanatory note.

Why did Apple remove the app from the store? The first question to ask is why you let it be published in the first place. Rewound imitates an iPod player with its click wheel feature. For this it uses Apple Music and features like haptic response to give the sensation of turning a wheel. But of course, this violates a number of Apple standards.

According to the developer, the app has been removed by copying the iPod design and using Apple Music. Apple indicates that this can lead users to confusion and think that this is a real Apple product.

The app developer has indicated that he will look for some way to return Rewound to the App Store although he admits that it is difficult for the app to return to the store. To be approved the first time what has been done is to use “skins”. The app only comes with “hidden” buttons when you install it, you have to download the buttons from the Internet as images and place them over the app to make it look like an iPod. This worked the first time, but hardly ever again.

The creator of the app has opened a project to earn money and be able to finance the development of the app in the future to return it to the store. It is more than complicated; in fact it becomes to some extent disrespectful to ask users for money by promising something that is known to be unfulfillable.


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