Apple announced new versions of its line of MacBook Pro laptops in which the keyboard has been redesigned, after the company received many criticisms over the past few months from users who complained that it broke very easily.

The company from Cupertino (California, USA) also announced that it will replace all previous ‘butterfly’ keyboard models free of charge to those customers who so wish with the new version, in which the keys are made with a different material that, according to the company, solves the problems. The main complaints Apple has received regarding the existing model of the ‘butterfly’ keyboard (released in 2015) is that the keys become sticky soon after use and break easily, so that the letters do not appear on the screen when you press them or do so in duplicate.

The large volume of criticism (some from real company fans) led Apple to apologize publicly in March, and since then it has only taken two months to release this new version.


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