We had serious doubts about the possible names of the new iPhone that will be presented today. But it seems that Apple has confirmed at the last minute, publishing the names on their own website, just a few hours of these are presented. Recall that this afternoon will be presented an LCD screen iPhone and two others with OLED screen.

It was already almost confirmed that the iPhone with LCD would be called Xs, although it was not known if the larger version, 6.5 inches, would be called iPhone Xs Plus or iPhone Xs Max, taking greater relevance this last name. With the cheap iPhone we also had doubts, being between iPhone Xc or iPhone Xr. Now, we already know it definitely thanks to an oversight of the Californian company.

Although they did not publish the names directly on their website, they did publish them in its source code. That is, using a tool as simple as the element inspector, we could have seen them. Specifically, the names were inside an XML file, where the map of the web was located.

The names would be, therefore, the following:

  • iPhone Xr for the 6.1-inch LCD screen (the famous ‘cheap iPhone’)
  • iPhone Xs for the 5.8-inch version of OLED screen
  • iPhone Xs Max for the 6.5-inch OLED screen


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