If you think of autonomous cars, the companies that normally come to mind are Waymo and Tesla. However, these companies that generate so many news headlines have already been overtaken by Apple in one aspect: the number of autonomous cars registered in California.

Apple already has 55 autonomous cars registered in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a number that leaves behind Waymo or Tesla and that makes it the second in a ranking that dominates the powerful General Motors with its Cruise project. The question, of course, is what Apple is doing with so much autonomous car and how far they have come.

That’s what nobody knows for sure, because Apple’s advances in this field are absolutely secret. While other companies are constantly talking about these advances, in Cupertino everything is kept in absolute secrecy.

What seems to be clear at the moment, is Apple will not manufacture its own autonomous cars, but is developing these systems for other manufacturers to use. The so-called Project Titan has become one of the most important in this segment, but it will probably take time to see the completion of this project.


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