Apple is the world’s fourth-largest video game revenue-generating company. And all this without having its own video games. Ahead of big industry players like EA and Nintendo, only surpassed by Microsoft, Sony and Tencent. This is the advantage of having such a solid ecosystem thanks to the iPhone and the App Store.

How did Apple get along with the big names in the gaming industry? It’s not a company dedicated exclusively to creating video games like Tencent, nor is it a company with game console departments like Sony and Microsoft… But it has the iPhone. Apple dominates the world market for mobile video games thanks to the large number of mobile phones and tablets deployed around the world. An enrome market that has been cooked for years and to which it can offer a multitude of video games through the App Store. With that 30% commission that is carried by the distribution, has managed to position itself among the top five in the industry.

According to a report published by Newzoo, which analyzes the most important companies in the global video game market, Apple is the fourth largest revenue generator in 2018. The 35 most important companies generated in this industry a total of 114 billion dollars and 9.45 billion dollars went to Apple’s accounts in 2018. It represents an increase of 18% over the total obtained in 2018. To put the figures in context, Tencent, which is first on the list, got 19.73 billion dollars. Microsoft, which is the third ahead of Apple, totaled 9.75 bill

Mobile games are having an unstoppable increase over console games. They may not have the same quality in graphics and they may not have the same complexity, but the truth is that they are eating up the video game market. And that’s where Apple is, and companies like Sony and Microsoft aren’t. What about Google and Android? Users simply don’t spend as much as they do on the App Store. The latest Sensor Tower report indicates that developers earn 64% more in the App Store than in Google Play.


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