As of today, Apple has already been notified of eight class action lawsuits by users who claim that the drop in performance is due to a defect in the manufacture of the iPhone, which affects the user experience and where the battery is not able to support it. Seven of these lawsuits are in various regions of the United States and one comes from Israel.

Millionaire demands for “lack of communication”

Up to this moment and after having confirmed the slowdown, Apple has not mentioned anything else about this case, all while expecting demands coming from all over the world.

Among the plaintiffs’ arguments, we find accusations of fraud by Apple, since not warning from the beginning that a degraded battery affected the performance of an iPhone, led several users to acquire a new device, although a battery change could solve the problem for a fraction of the cost.

Other lawsuits speak of “the inability of batteries to handle the workload created by processor speeds,” and some even demand that Apple replace the batteries for free, since it is “a defect that the company has tried to mask “.

In the case of the class action lawsuit in San Francisco, who is in charge is the lawyer Jeffrey Fazio, an expert in these issues since in 2013 he reached an agreement with Apple for $ 53 million, after some problems in the management of the guarantees by the Cupertino company.

Although many predict that Apple will have to pay for this “communication failure”, some others, such as Chris Hoofnagle, director of the Berkeley Law and Technology Center, say that Apple did not do wrong, as the lawsuit slightly borders on the law of consumer protection, which talks about the aging of electronic products, which allows some companies to make adjustments in their products alleging possible security failures.

What is a fact is that the lawsuits are ready, some of them seek to receive money for the damages caused by these events, while others go for reimbursement and battery changes. In addition, we must consider that there are new cases that are being prepared in other regions of the world in what could be the largest collective demand in many years.


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