An interactive website shows the locations of thousands of gravesites that have been relocated in China over the past two decades.

In what may be the largest grave relocation in human history so far, more than 10 million corpses have been exhumed.

The website, The Chinese Deathscape: Grave Reform in Modern China, depicts this relocation effort, which makes way for new development projects.

The site’s creator, Tom Mullaney, is the author of The Chinese Typewriter: A History and Coming to Terms with the Nation: Ethnic Classification in Modern China (MIT Press, 2017).

The project, which premiered online this spring, consists of an interactive website with a map of China pinpointing the locations of thousands of gravesites that Mullaney and his collaborators compiled. The dataset is the most comprehensive, publicly available document on grave relocations that occurred in China over the past two decades, Mullaney says. The team’s dataset also includes grave relocations that happened between 1644 and 1949.

The website also includes several essays by Mullaney and other researchers that analyze the history of grave relocation and burial practices in China.


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