Two children aged 3 and 5 have died in Montecitos, Colombia, after mistakenly ingesting some fruits that turned out to be poisonous. The children were in their grandmother’s garden, one of them decided to take some fruits from a tree and started to eat them thinking they were apples.

At first nothing happened, but a few hours later they began to feel sick, started vomiting and suffered convulsions. The boy had eaten six fruits and the girl four.

When the grandmother saw that the children did not stop suffering convulsions, they were taken to the hospital, where they were admitted, according to the Mirror newspaper.

Apparently, the children had arrived a few days ago with their parents from Venezuela and were staying at their grandmother’s house. The father said that their medical insurance did not cover much and that they sought help from the Colombian Ombudsman’s Office to have the children transferred to a better-equipped hospital. However, that help came too late and the children died.

The fruit they ate comes from a tree known locally as ‘bola de toro’ (Thevetia ahouai), which can reach a height of three meters. Its main habitat is humid forests; the fruit it produces is toxic and potentially deadly.


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