US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he has decided to “break” his country’s relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), which he accuses of having mismanaged the health emergency of COVID-19, by believing too much in the information provided by China, and of being under the “complete control” of the Asian giant, which he intends to sanction.

Trump’s announcement involves the permanent suspension of his country’s now-frozen contribution to the organization, estimated at $400 million to $500 million per year, or approximately 15 per cent of the agency’s total budget.

“We have proposed detailed reforms that must be implemented and to which the organization must commit itself, but they have refused to act,” said the President, who thus indicated that they will “end our relationship with WHO. In this line, Trump has regretted that China has “complete control” of the organization, “despite the fact that it only pays 40 million dollars a year.

Trump also spoke of an unfair deal for Washington. “The world needs answers from China about the virus. We need transparency. How is it possible that China didn’t let people leave Wuhan to go to other parts of the country but did let them travel abroad,” he insisted.


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