On Sunday he extended for another day the protests that have plunged the US into chaos and violence after the latest case of police abuse against the black minority.

The protests began Tuesday in Minneapolis, where a Black man, George Floyd, died the day before after being suffocated for nearly nine minutes by a police officer. Floyd was on the ground, unarmed, handcuffed and held by two other officers. But the police officer, Derek Chauvin, continued to choke him with his knee against his neck even though the victim repeated “I can’t breathe” and eventually vanished. By Friday, the highly violent protests in Minneapolis – with dozens of buildings burned and businesses looted – had spread to most of the country’s major cities.

Over the weekend, riots escalated in places like New York and Atlanta, while authorities decreed curfews in nearly 30 cities and the National Guard was deployed in 12 states, in addition to the capital, Washington. Since Friday, more than 2,500 people have been arrested in connection with the incidents, according to The Washington Post.

In Minneapolis, thousands of protesters took to the streets again after the heavy presence of police and National Guard members managed to control the situation on Saturday night and the curfew was widely enforced.


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