Anders Tegnell, the epidemiologist who coordinates the management of the coronavirus in Sweden, has said that the death figures in his country are terrible and should have been avoided. He acknowledged that the government “was wrong” to think that the COVID-19 pandemic would not be affected in this way.

“We thought that our society, segregated by age, would allow us to avoid a situation like Italy, where it is more common for different generations to live together, but we were wrong,” Tegnell acknowledged in a radio interview.

Sweden’s strategy against the coronavirus, which consisted of very mild restrictions, is now being heavily criticised. “The death rates that we have seen in Sweden are terrible and should have been avoided,” acknowledged Tegnell, who nevertheless praised his country’s health system, which he said had proved capable of dealing with the health emergency.

This is not the first time that the epidemic has acknowledged that, if it could be reversed, it would make a number of other recommendations to deal with the coronavirus. He has said that he would have taken action midway between the confinement that has taken place in Europe and the Swedish laxity that has kept schools and restaurants open, among other activities.

According to the latest report, some 62,300 cases of coronavirus have been detected and 5,209 deaths, higher rates than those of neighbouring countries, which are now wary of reopening borders with what they consider the main source of COVID-19 in the entire region.


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