The Supreme Court has ruled against the Trump Administration and its attempt to liquidate the DACA program, the temporary protections established by Barack Obama to safeguard millions of undocumented children and youth born outside the country but who have grown up and studied in the U.S., the only country they know. The 700,000 children of illegal immigrants who have been threatened for years with expulsion to countries they do not know, where they sometimes have no family at all.

Obama, highly criticised for the alleged abuse of executive orders, was thus trying to patch up one of the major flaws in US immigration policy, which has been faltering since the last time a president, Ronald Reagan, was able to reach consensus and leave a deep, beneficial and lasting impression.

Now, by five votes to four, the Supreme Court justices are telling Trump that they are not getting to the bottom of the issue, but that if his government aspires to overthrow the DACA, it is going to have to try harder, it is going to have to argue better. In their ruling, the majority justices explain that their role is not to analyze the merits of the case, but that it is too crucial a matter to resolve with arguments that can be improved.


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