Japan’s Princess Mako has officially ceased to be part of the country’s imperial family after marrying Kei Komuro, a university classmate who does not belong to high society.

Japan’s Imperial Household filed the necessary paperwork Tuesday with a municipal government for the couple to register their marriage, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK.

The wedding was not governed by the traditional imperial ceremony, reserved for family members, because with this union Mako has certified his departure from Japanese high society.

The two will appear before some 50 media throughout the day at a Tokyo hotel, although journalists have been asked to send their questions in advance.

Mako, eldest niece of the current Emperor Naruhito and eldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito, has finally ended years of tension over the marriage to Komuro.

One of the sticking points was due to a dispute surrounding Komuro’s mother and a former fiancĂ© over money spent, in part, on the young man’s education. This issue dominated the Japanese tabloid press to the point that it led to the postponement of the initial wedding date, once scheduled for 2018.

In April, Komuro issued a statement seeking to correct what he called misunderstandings among the public about his mother’s financial status. Shortly after releasing the statement, Komuro offered to make a payment to his mother’s former fiancĂ© in an effort to resolve the monetary dispute.

Compounding the issue were the inherent conditions of the wedding, given that with the link, Mako would have to leave the Imperial Court, as she eventually did.

Although the princess is entitled to a substantial sum of money to cover her departure–more than one million dollars–Mako has waived this dowry so as not to arouse public animosity, in a decision unprecedented in Japan’s post-war history.

In addition, in early October, the Imperial Household Office issued a statement noting that the princess had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder due to the repeated public criticism she has received.


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