The parents of the child with leukemia refused to allow him to receive chemotherapy treatment and chose natural medications to treat the disease. So the Justice had to intercede and take away their custody.

The Florida Court, in the United States, ruled that Noah McAdams, three years old, had to continue his oncological treatment. The judge understood that the child, who has leukemia, should continue with medical treatment even though the parents, Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball, did not agree with the chemotherapy, according to chronic.

The child was diagnosed with leukemia and after finishing the first phase of treatment, the child’s parents looked for more natural options such as medical marijuana and other natural remedies.

“It’s not whether we choose alternative therapies or natural therapies. It’s about our rights as parents to seek other options,” says the child’s mother.

When the doctors realized the family was not going to the hospital, an employee had to notify the police. When the officers found them, the parents said they were seeking a second medical opinion for their child’s illness.

Justice had to intervene and determined that the parents were not able to vouch for their child’s health and removed their custody. Noah, the child, was transferred to his grandmother’s house, who will be in charge of accompanying him in the oncological treatment.

“We are happy that the child uses an alternative treatment, at least to combat the side effects of chemotherapy, and maximum help to cure leukemia in his body,” says the family lawyer.


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