The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has just announced the arrest of a hacker popularly known on the Internet under the pseudonym “Sanix”. Early last year, he surprised cybersecurity experts around the world by posting on a forum and through various Telegram channels the sale of a database that included 773 million emails and 21 million unique passwords, the largest to date.

Although the Ukrainian secret services have not revealed the real name of this cybercriminal, they claim that the already mentioned huge database he was marketing (87 GB) was “only a small part” of the total amount of data that has been seized. Sanix had at least seven similar databases among which 3 TB of stolen data would be accumulated.

This hacker, who has been collecting and selling leaked data from hacked companies for years, would have not only the above-mentioned e-mail accounts and passwords, but also a large amount of financial information from US and EU residents.

On his computer they found bank card PIN codes, crypto wallet passwords, PayPal account login credentials, and even data to access computers around the world for DDoS attacks or use in botnets.


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