The history of the American aircraft carrier “USS Theodore Roosevelt” is repeated in France. The French Armed Forces are not immune to the coronavirus either, which is gradually making its mark on their ranks and ships. After hiding it for days, their high command has confirmed in a statement that one third of the crew of the nuclear aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, specifically 668 of its sailors, have tested positive for Covid-19. If a few days ago the first cases and the first evacuations were known, it has now been admitted that the contagion has spread rapidly, wreaking havoc on the ship.

The French Navy’s flagship docked with the frigate “Chevalier Paul” in the port of the southern city of Toulon on Sunday after the Ministry of Defence ordered them back to the French coast because of the pandemic.

A total of 1,767 sailors have been tested. However, the number of those infected could increase even further as 30% of the results are still unknown. In total, 31 crew members have been hospitalized and one of them is in the ICU.

The authorities have also conducted tests on two ships berthed in the port of Brest, where about 100 sailors have been authorized to go ashore and be quarantined for 14 days in their respective homes.


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