The May 1st Day demonstration in Paris on Wednesday, as the authorities feared, led to clashes between radicals and the forces of order.

Before the march, called by the CGT syndicate, there had already been clashes at Montparnasse station, from where the demonstration departed at 2.30 p.m. and where groups of violent infiltrators among the participants threw objects at the Police and burned vehicles in the adjacent streets. The officers responded with tear gas and police charges.

Another of the central organizers of the Paris convocation, the Unitary Trade Union Federation (FSU), withdrew from the demonstration, given the seriousness of the altercations.

Once the march began its journey towards the square of Italy – a route in which the closing of the commercial establishments had been decreed to avoid damages – there were new clashes between the so-called “black blocs” and the Police. This was the case when a group of demonstrators passed the police station in District XIII, against which they threw objects and received tear gas in response to the riot police.

According to data collected by the Prefecture of Police until mid-afternoon, the forces of order have arrested 249 people of which 148 have been taken into custody. These arrests occurred at more than 12,500 identity checks throughout the city in an attempt to prevent the arrival of violent demonstrators. According to figures still partial of the Ministry of Interior, the protests of May 1st Day, in which there was a large participation of ‘yellow vests’, gathered in France 151,000 people, including 16,000 in Paris.


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