An electrical failure in the Guri generating plant has caused a national blackout in all of Venezuela minutes before 5pm local (10 pm GMT). Caracas and the 23 states have been affected in the electric service, with everything that entails: blackouts, telephone signal drop, interrupted public services such as the Metro, even water in a good number of buildings.

The streets have filled with people trying to return to their homes at full speed, before the fear of the night in the most violent city on the planet.

“The electric war, announced and directed by US imperialism against our people, will be defeated, nothing and no one will be able to defeat the people of Bolivar and Chávez,” Nicolás Maduro reacted almost four hours after the national blackout. The Bolivarian leader thus picked up the “technical” explanation of his Minister of Electricity, General Luis Motta Domínguez: “They sabotaged the generation in the Guri, that’s part of the electric war against the state, we will not allow it!”

Since blackouts and rationing began a decade ago to overshadow the country with the largest oil reserves on the planet, chavismo has always justified itself by hiding behind human, animal and natural conspiracies.

Rivers of people walk the streets of Caracas because the Metro is closed from 5pm and public transport collapsed. Shops lowered their metal blinds during the first minutes of the blackout. Several flights to Caracas were diverted and no plane took off from the Maiquetía airport, which serves the capital.

The cries against Maduro were on the streets.
The pans also exploded as a form of protest in areas of the city.


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