Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has declared a local emergency in this Minnesota city because of the riots that broke out over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after being arrested by the police.

Through a statement issued by his office, Frey has specified that Minneapolis has requested assistance from the Minnesota government, including authorization for the National Guard to assist authorities in “restoring security and calm due to civil unrest” that has followed Floyd’s death. Frey had already asked the National Guard for help in trying to “keep the situation under control.

The emergency will be in effect for 72 hours and provides Frey with the ability to use “immediate” emergency regulations.

Crowds have been rioting for the second day in a row at protests called at the exact spot where Floyd would have died. They began peacefully, but have turned “extremely violent,” Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has reported.

One person has been killed after being shot during the protests and there has also been looting and burning in the area. Police have used tear gas in an attempt to quell the marches, leading to clashes between protesters and police.


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