The United States is about to reach 100,000 deaths from coronavirus, but this weekend, thousands of people have crowded the beaches taking advantage of the fact that it was a bridge. Health authorities warn that they are jeopardizing the success of the de-escalation.

Last weekend was Memorial Day, a holiday that has left images of crowds on the beaches in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. These crowds have set off alarm bells among health authorities.

US President Donald Trump has also called for a resumption of activity. The president paid the usual visit to Arlington Cemetery (Virginia), together with his wife Melania, to pay tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in combat.

With the lifting of the restrictions, and the good weekend weather in much of the country, millions of Americans went to the beaches to spend the day, with which it is given informal start to the summer in the U.S. Images of crowds in public places across the country have alarmed health professionals with fears of outbreaks.

Beaches in the states of New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, Georgia and Virginia showed large numbers of people enjoying the sun, as well as on the Gulf Coast in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, and with it the difficulty of maintaining social distance.


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