Newly elected Donald Trump as president, his wife, the Slovenian nationalised American – thanks to her marriage to him – Melania refused to move into the White House until Trump agreed to sign new postnups agreements. The first lady’s arguments were that she had spent more time with the current president than any of her predecessors (Ivana and Marla Maples), had had to swallow more news than they had about the president’s epic record of infidelity, and had contributed decisively to the election victory of the businessman and reality show star. So, if Trump wanted to avoid the scandal of living ‘de facto’ apart from his wife, he was going to have to sign. And Trump, who celebrated his 74th birthday on Sunday after showing signs of considerable physical weakness yesterday at West Point Academy, signed.

This is the story of Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan, who the day after tomorrow will publish her book on the first lady, ‘The Art of Her Deal’, a play on words with the title ‘best-seller’ by Donald Trump ‘The Art of The Deal’.

Jordan’s book, which has been pre-published in the Washington Post, presents a very different image of Melania Trump from the one that has been often transmitted. The former Slovenian model appears as a woman, at least as tough and ambitious as her husband, an enemy of improvisation and perfectly capable of confronting Trump and his environment.


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