The recent absence of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un from public events, including a ceremony honoring his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, has rekindled speculation about his health status, to the point that the United States is already investigating whether he is in “serious danger,” as some sources say.

The last time Kim appeared in the official media was on April 11. His absence from the meeting of the Supreme People’s Assembly, which was postponed for two days for no apparent reason, and especially from the most important holiday in the country, that of April 15, when the anniversary of the birth of the founding father of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, is being celebrated, have raised doubts. Nor did the propaganda of the DPRK point to the presence of the leader at an arms test on April 14.

The South Korean daily “Daily NK”, which specializes in North Korean affairs, notes that Kim is undergoing treatment after undergoing heart surgery on April 12. “Kim had been suffering from inflammation of the blood vessels affecting his heart since last August, but his condition worsened after he made several trips to Mount Paektu recently,” the newspaper said. Kim’s intervention, according to this version, was due to his poor eating and health habits (in particular smoking), as well as to overwork


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