Chicago Police have found the lifeless body of a 19-year-old teenage girl who was pregnant and who died during the forced extraction of her baby in the courtyard of a woman’s home who had offered her free children’s clothing over the Internet.

The baby of the young woman, whose disappearance had been reported by her relatives, was found in critical condition in a local hospital where he had been registered as the son of the woman who owned the house where the teenager’s body was found.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, the young woman, Marlen Ochoa, had met the woman who took her baby and killed her in a Facebook group, and went home because she offered baby clothes for her future child. The neighbors of the woman arrested for the death of the teenage mother explained that they had seen her covered in blood, holding a baby in a towel outside her home, and shouting that her baby needed help. She said she had just given birth and that the baby was “pale and blue.

The baby has been identified as the teenager’s son thanks to a DNA test. The baby’s father, Yiovanni Lopez, 20, visited the boy and named him Yadiel Yiovanni Lopez. The baby remains in “critical condition”.


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