American beekeepers and experts have been very concerned about the health of the nation’s bee hives following the sightings of giant Asian hornets in Washington state.

The wasp, named Vespa Mandarinia (Mandarin wasp), is about two inches long and has a wingspan of 2.5 inches. In addition, they can use their shark-finned jaws to eliminate a hive of bees in a matter of hours by decapitating them and flying the bodies to feed their young.

Nicknamed the ‘killer hornet’, this insect has killed up to 50 people in Japan, as it possesses a powerful poison and a sting long enough to pierce beekeepers’ suits. Its appearance is very characteristic: fiercely caricatured face, with tearful eyes, orange and black stripes spread over its body and wide wings.

These characteristics have led scientists in the United States to begin a large-scale search for hornets to prevent them from settling in the country and destroying bee hives. IIf this is not done in the next few years, it probably can’t be done.


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