Matteo Bassetti is the head of infectious diseases at San Martino General Hospital in Genoa. He is considered one of the greatest experts on the coronavirus, and he has good news: he believes that the virus is weakening and will become extinct before a vaccine is even obtained.

As the Daily Mail reports, Bassetti says the patients he is treating recently are much better off than those he treated at the start of the pandemic. In his own words, if the coronavirus was once “an aggressive tiger”, it now remains a “wild cat”.

Bassetti shuffles several theories: the first is that the virus could have mutated, making it less lethal. The second is that treatments are becoming more effective. The last theory is that the virus is weaker because new cases have lower viral loads, thanks to social distancing measures and containment.

“In March and April the pattern was completely different. People came to the emergency room with a lot of difficulty coping with the disease and needed oxygen and ventilation, and some developed pneumonia,” Bassetti explained.

“Now, in the last four weeks, the scene has changed completely. There may be a lower viral load in the respiratory tract, probably due to a genetic mutation in the virus that has not yet been scientifically proven,” he said.


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