China takes seriously the proliferation of deepfakes, the famous videos that put the faces and even the voices of people in situations that are not real. As we know, everything started with porn, but little by little they have spread to more scenarios, such as politics. For this reason, some regions are already seeking to regulate its use, as in the case of California and now China.

China is becoming the first country in the world to classify deepfakes as illegal, where those who distribute them will incur a criminal offence that will lead them directly to prison. This is part of a new law with which China seeks to eradicate ‘fake news’ and the use of deepfakes in any scenario.

China is the first country in the world to take these measures

The law states that, from the first instant of 2020, all video distributors, such as streaming platforms, television networks, advertising agencies, and any company that massively shares video, must “clearly” indicate when their content has been created using artificial intelligence or virtual reality.

This is also aimed at all citizens who share content on social networks. Only in this case it is completely forbidden to publish deepfake videos of your own creation. That is to say, companies will be able to publish fake videos as long as it is indicated that it is not real, while citizens will not be able to do so.


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