Yesterday, Beijing announced the partial closure of the city and raised its emergency response to the second highest level after an outbreak of the disease was detected at a city market over the weekend. Authorities have cut corners and asked residents of neighborhoods classified as high- and medium-risk areas to stay home.

The authorities have adopted a series of extremely restrictive control measures to prevent a repetition of what happened in Wuhan in the Chinese capital. With what happened there still in the retina and as it happened in that place where the new coronavirus emerged, the measures are hardening day by day.

That is why yesterday morning primary and secondary schools and universities were closed at the request of the government, which urged them to return to online learning. The same happened with the entertainment venues and sports facilities, all of which were closed. Also, persons considered to be at high risk who have been in contact with confirmed or possible cases were prohibited from leaving the city. Taxis and interprovincial buses were parked and access to 29 neighbourhood communities quarantined.

Experts say the samples found are most likely from an infected person who visited or worked in a market … once again! With the origin of the outbreak still to be found, controls have also been stepped up in markets, supermarkets and restaurants serving fresh produce in a city where the new normality has proved to be more fragile than previously thought.


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