In the United States, most states have been on the road to permanent reopening for days. But the good signs are mutating into a far more disturbing picture. The country, which already has 119,000 victims of Covid-19, more than during the whole First World War, has added 23,047 positive cases and 739 deaths in the last 24 hours.

It’s no laughing matter: as many as 21 states have seen their numbers get worse over the last week. Of course the president, Donald Trump, is clear that this is good news, not because of the sick, of course, but because it means that the country is doing more tests than ever before.

In fact, it seems to argue that the number of cases and the expansion of the epidemic continue to decline. Far from the daily appearances in which he answered about the day to day of the disease, the president has written a tweet where he states that “our tests are much more and more advanced than in any other country (we have done a great job in this!)” and that, of course, without tests, or with few tests, there would be no positive results.


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