Since the beginning of the pandemic, Boris Johnson has been stumbling around. His slow response to confinement was not without controversy. And now, with the de-escalation strategy, chaos is repeating itself. Or it is even worse, because the Tory leader is increasingly being cornered by the Labour opposition, he has lost the confidence of a large part of the electorate, his own ministers feel ignored and the Tory ranks threaten to revolt if the quarantine that will be imposed from next week on all passengers arriving from international destinations to the United Kingdom, where the number of deaths from coronaviruses is now close to 40,000.

The leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer, warned that the country is at risk of a second outbreak due to the “bad management” of the de-escalation that the Executive is carrying out. “My concern is that after a week or more of mismanagement, the government has turned a difficult situation into a tenfold worse one,” he said. During the weekly question session with the Prime Minister, Labour speaer was highly critical of Johnson, who he even accused of having lost the confidence of the public “when he needs it most”.


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