America has taken over the expansion of the coronavirus and this week has become the continent where most infections have occurred. The virus has come late, but the third wave of spread, after Asia and Europe, is hitting hard and threatens to reach outrageous numbers driven by chronic inequality and weak public health systems.

The total number of infections is almost half a million, and the number of deaths is 27,000, but there is a widespread suspicion that the region’s weak health systems are not adequately accounting for all the victims of the pandemic.

According to its size, Brazil is the Latin American country most affected by the coronavirus. Since the first death in mid-March, the country has had 220,000 infections and 14,900 deaths. An unprecedented health and political crisis. The pandemic has exacerbated tensions in the region’s main economy with President Jair Bolsonaro at the centre of all the controversy. On Friday, the Health Minister, who had been in office for barely a month, resigned.


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