A young Moroccan tortured his five-year-old sister to death in an “exorcism session” to expel the elves that supposedly lived inside her, before attacking her own mother, who was able to escape and denounce the facts to the Gendarmerie.

The Daily Al Massae reports on Tuesday that the incident took place in the region of Kenitra, an agricultural area north of Rabat, and the prosecutor has already ordered an investigation to clarify what happened.

The 20-year-old was convinced that his 5-year-old sister was possessed by demons, and wanted to address the problem first with a session of “roqiya”, a controversial treatment that consists of reading the Koran according to a certain ritual to expel the elves that supposedly have a person under a spell. Seeing that the “roqiya” did not work, the young man used a knife against these supposed demons in the body of his sister, until it caused her death. Then, convinced that the demons had lodged in his mother’s body, he tried to slit her throat. However, the mother was able to escape and denounce the facts.


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