At least 41 of the 78 occupants of a Sukhoi Superjet-100 plane that caught fire in Moscow on Sunday died after the plane had to land emergency at Sheremetyevo airport.

The Russian Ministry of Health put the death toll at 40 on Sunday night when it reported that its specialists attend to “34 passengers and 4 crew members” who have survived. The authorities previously reported that two minors and one crew member are among the victims of the plane crash at Sheremetyevo airport, the largest in Moscow.

Belonging to the Russian company Aeroflot, the aircraft had taken off from Sheremétivo at 18.02 local time (15.02 GMT) but less than half an hour later the plane returned to the airport of departure, where it made an emergency landing wrapped in flames.

According to some sources, one of the most probable causes of the device’s return to Sheremétivo was the impact of a lightning strike that affected the functioning of the on-board equipment. Passengers evacuated In the videos broadcast on social networks, you can see occupants of the airplane going down a safety slide and running down the runway while part of the aircraft continued to burn in flames. Aeroflot assured that the evacuation of the passengers took place in 55 seconds in compliance with the regulations.


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