Aslam Baba was a spiritual leader who had thousands of followers in the city of Ratlam, India, to such an extent that many came to consider him a kind of God. Furthermore, he defended that he was able to heal the Covid-19 through faith, some rituals and his powers.

According to witnesses, his followers did not hesitate and believed in him blindly, despite having no scientific evidence. However, on June 3 she was diagnosed with an atypical pneumonia and died the next day, according to The Print newspaper.

Doctors assume that at least 20 people have been infected by this guru, due to his method of kissing hands to cure. After his death, local police discovered that at least 50 people had direct contact with Baba.

Before his death, this spiritual leader was very close to being denounced by the authorities for spreading false information and not complying with established health standards.


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