A 17-year-old Dutch girl, Noa Pothoven, decided to end her life, with her parents’ permission, after years of suffering from post-traumatic stress, depression and anorexia as a result of the sexual abuse she suffered as a child, her sister confirmed.

The girl, known in the Netherlands for writing her autobiography entitled ‘Winnen of leren’, in which she acknowledged that she had been a victim of sexual abuse and aggression when she was younger, said goodbye to her followers on the social network Instagram announcing that she had decided to end her life.

“I will not beat about the bush: I will be dead in ten days at the most. After years of struggle, mine is over. At last I will be freed from my suffering because it is unbearable. Don’t try to convince me that this is not good. It is a well-considered and final decision,” he wrote in his farewell message.

As she related, she had “stopped eating and drinking for a while” and stressed that she was “still breathing but not alive,” which led her “after many conversations and revisions,” to commit assisted suicide, surrounded by her “parents and friends, and all loved ones.

Noa’s sister confirmed to the Dutch daily AD that the girl had died last Sunday. She  already stated in her autobiography, published a year ago and awarded several times in Holland, that “it had no meaning” to stay alive because she had not been able to overcome the psychological problems since she suffered the abuse.

In the last stage of her life, she had been admitted to three institutions for the care of minors, but according to her mother, the girl should be “in a psychiatric center, but there is a long waiting list” in Holland. In her book, the young woman explained that she had “hidden the rapes out of shame and fear” and admitted to having approached, without sharing the idea with her parents, the Levenseinde (end of life, in Dutch) clinic, located in The Hague, where she asked about the possibilities that existed.


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