The tarpaulins deployed by personnel specialized in work at height have achieved their purpose of protecting Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris from the rain.

Tourists and the French witnessed the usefulness of the tarpaulins during the persistent rain and wind on Thursday. The cathedral’s press service confirmed on Tuesday the start of work for this deployment, illustrated with images of the material lifted by a crane from the outside.

“The highest priority is to protect the cathedral from the rain”, explained Philippe Villeneuve, chief architect of Notre Dame, in an interview with BFMTV. The aim is to prevent the vaults, which have been uncovered since the fire on the deck last Monday, from suffering even more, after having been soaked in the water launched by the firefighters during the extinguishing work.

After the rains, the cathedral will have another “umbrella” to protect the building but also the workers who will work on the reconstruction.


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