SpaceX has completed the second launch of a Falcon 9 in just four days, taking into account the one we witnessed on Saturday and this one made on Wednesday June 3 at 9:25 local time (Florida). Specifically, the first stage B1048 has been reused, also taking advantage to test a new design of the satellites anti-reflection system in one of them, so that it seeks to reduce the sunlight reflected to Earth.

The company’s idea is to create a network of 30,000 satellites. This latest record-breaking launch of reuse is another step on that long road, but so far there are 480 with these last 60.

Reuse saves costs and is one of the Elon Musk company’s most important assets. This has helped SpaceX to come up with a more economical proposal than the one Russia offered with the Soyuz, which became Saturday’s launch.

However, we must not forget that there are also limits as to the number of uses they can have, due to the wear and tear they suffer at each launch. For this reason, five launches are a considerable number considering that traditional rockets only make one, although Musk’s ambition is not limited to that, and his goal is ten launches.


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