In the past, the world’s most prominent energy researchers believed that the science was settled: Neutrinos would never be harnessed to provide endless free energy. In recent years, however, neutrino energy research has evolved into a global sensation that will completely revolutionize the way we use electricity.

The Origins of Neutrino Energy

The world started paying attention to the potential of neutrino energy in 2015. Two prominent energy researchers on opposite sides of the world almost simultaneously discovered that neutrinos have mass, which flipped the established science on its head. While Canadian physicist Arthur McDonald and his colleague Takaki Kajita in Japan stumbled upon this discovery independently from each other, they were both awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this revolutionary breakthrough.

What Neutrino Mass Means

During every second of every day, trillions upon trillions of neutrinos bombard the Earth in an unending flow. While we can’t see these “ghost particles,” they are constantly passing through us and leaving untapped energetic potential in their wake.

As Albert Einstein established more than a century ago, E=mc2, which means everything that has mass also has energy. While scientists have understood for years that neutrino energy can be measured, those who have suggested that this energy can be tapped have been ridiculed and mocked as pseudoscientists.

While it might have seemed impossible to harness neutrino energy a few years ago, it’s amazing how quickly things can change almost overnight. One of the holdings of the Neutrino Energy Group, Neutrino Germany GmbH, is now in the process of developing a device that will capture neutrino energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Coming Neutrino Energy Revolution

The device that Neutrino Germany GmbH is developing acts similarly to a photovoltaic cell, which transforms visible sunlight into electrical energy. While a photovoltaic cell must be exposed to bright sunlight to operate, however, a neutrino capturing device can operate in total darkness, which means that it can continue generating energy when photovoltaic cells become useless at night.

This incredible neutrino energy device can operate anywhere on the Earth’s surface, and once it is ready for use in industrial and consumer applications, it will revolutionize the energy sector forever. Practical neutrino energy will utterly eliminate certain energy industries, and it will give birth to new industries that will bring humanity to ever-greater heights.

Under the supervision of renowned energy scientist Holger Thorsten Schubart, an international team of researchers is currently hard at work developing the first line of devices that will deliver endless electrical energy to the end user by capturing the energy of neutrinos. This Neutrino Germany GmbH team is conducting this research under the aegis of this firm’s parent company, U.S.-based Neutrino Incorporated.

Incredible Neutrino Energy Applications

The first neutrino energy devices will be designed to power smartphones and other low-energy electronic gadgets. Imagine never having to charge your phone; instead, a device captures a steady stream of neutrinos that allows you to make calls, surf the web, or make e-commerce purchases without ever having to worry about your phone running out of juice.

Next, Neutrino Germany GmbH seeks to empower electric vehicles to charge themselves with neutrinos while they’re running or when they’re parked. This industry-changing innovation would entirely eliminate the current range restrictions that make electric vehicles untenable for many consumers.

Lastly, the dedicated team of researchers at the Neutrino Energy Group seeks to create neutrino energy devices that are capable of powering entire households or even commercial properties. By that point, neutrino energy will have profoundly altered the economic, social, and cultural landscapes that we all take for granted.

A World Without Fossil Fuels

Imagine being able to heat your home with a Neutrino Power Cube instead of natural gas. Then, consider a world without gasoline stations in which you can get from place to place without even having to charge your car. Then, go on to imagine every diesel-guzzling 18-wheeler replaced with a safe, sustainable electric alternative powered by Neutrinos. This future, which was once thoroughly mocked, is finally within our grasp.

Since every home will be equipped with its own Neutrino Energy Cube, families all over the world will be able to learn exactly what it means to be self-sufficient and live off the grid. Currently, endless kilowatts of electricity are wasted by transferring energy across thousands of miles of power lines, but with neutrino energy, this regrettable waste will be utterly eliminated. Even batteries will become obsolete except for use during periods of excessive power consumption.

The Neutrino Revolution Is Here

Within a matter of decades, the captured energy from neutrinos will put an end to the interminable wars and armed conflicts that all the world’s nations currently engage in to secure energy from fossil fuels. In every generation, the human race has been faced with a familiar choice: Do we embrace the revolutionary changes that science offers, or do we backwardly live in the past and miss out on the improvements to global quality of life that scientific innovation brings?

As the great martyr of science Galileo once said, “He who is ignorant of the truth is merely a fool; he who knows it and calls it a lie is a criminal.” Today, the political leaders of 2019 must lead the way toward the neutrino energy revolution, which will drastically improve life on Earth forever.


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