Have you ever heard of the Infinite Monkey Theorem? It is used to reflect how, in theory, it is possible for chance to end up equaling the great works of Mankind. The theorem goes like this:

“A monkey pounding on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time could come up with any given text, such as the complete works of Shakespeare.”

Well, it is quite unlikely that we will ever see a chimpanzee rewriting ‘Macbeth’, but this weekend we have already witnessed something similar, and without waiting for an ‘infinite time’: a hamster not equaling – but surpassing! the ‘great financial works’ of modern man, specifically, investing in cryptocurrencies and earning higher profits than renowned investors such as Warren Buffet or stock indexes such as the S&P 500. Since it started trading (last June 12) until last Friday, its profit has been 24%, higher even than the increase of Bitcoin in the same period (and it reached 50% at its peak).

The (totally unwitting) hero of our story is named Mr. Goxx and he doesn’t have an office on Wall Street, but lives in a seemingly very normal cage, equipped with a wheel and two small tunnels for exercise.

Goxx Boxx trading ofice

Or so it seems, because in reality his cage is ‘high-tech’: every time he turns his wheel, it acts as a wheel of fortune, choosing from more than thirty cryptocurrencies.

And when he then steps off the wheel and decides which of his tunnels to walk through first, he’s actually choosing whether to buy or sell… and submitting orders to a real trading platform. And of course, he trades with real money: his portfolio started with $390 in June and has already grown to $498.

But Mr. Goxx hasn’t come out of nowhere exhibiting sudden financial success: he has long had a Twitter account that notifies him of his trades as he goes along and a Twitch account that streams his activity in the cage.

“Mr. Goxx is happy to see some of his investments finally paying off,” say his owners… who also point out that his profits still don’t allow him to pay for the expenses incurred to set up his cage.

In case you are interested to know, the main cryptocurrencies that make up Mr. Goxx’s portfolio as of today are Ripple, XRP, Cardano, Ethereum and Tron (his owners point out that the wily rodent has never gotten rid of his assets in the latter currency).


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