In a recent speech before the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP), General Raúl Castro, first secretary of the Communist Party (PCC), admitted that it is very probable that another “Special Period” will be imposed on Cuba as a consequence of the worsening of the current economic crisis.

After the fall of the socialist regimes in Eastern Europe in the 1990s, the island went through an economic and financial crisis that the late dictator Fidel Castro would euphemistically call “Special Period”. Although several economists have pointed out that the current crisis facing the country is far from what happened in the 1990s, the opinions of the people are going in the opposite direction.

Raúl Castro, also president of the Governing Commission of the Constitutional Reform, tried to clear in his speech the bad omens of an economic crisis by affirming that it is not about returning to the “Special Period”, because “today is another panorama in terms of diversification of the economy. However, he later acknowledged that it would be necessary to be “prepared for the worst variant”.

For his part, the current president on the island, Miguel Diaz-Canel, insisted before the ANPP that “the tightening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States and the increase in financial persecution” are the causes of food shortages, the deficit of raw materials for national production and cuts in electricity consumption in the public service sectors that the country currently suffers.

The current economic crisis includes the shortage of paper that has forced the authorities of the Havana regime to reduce the number of pages and print runs of its main newspapers and written publications such as Granma, Juventud Rebelde, Trabajadores, Orbe and Opciones.

In the midst of this panorama that plagues all sectors, with food shortages in the first order, news has filtered in about the exorbitant luxury of life enjoyed by relatives of Cuban rulers such as Vilma Rodríguez Castro, granddaughter of Raúl Castro, who rents a luxurious mansion that costs 650 dollars a night.


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