NASA said the test carried out by India in space, which consisted in testing an anti-satellite missile, leaving more than 400 pieces of orbital debris orbiting, has been a terrible thing and can endanger the International Space Station and also put in trouble the safety of astronauts living inside.

The missile in question was a test carried out by India in which it shot down an old satellite on 27 March. After this, more than 400 pieces were left floating, of different sizes between them, but according to NASA more than 60 have a size greater than 15 cm.

This is why the concern within the Space Agency is quite a lot, since despite the fact that the demolished satellite was far below where the Space Station is located, 24 fragments remained in space due to the explosion, becoming a potential danger for the large manned spacecraft.

With this test, India joins fourth in the list of countries that have conducted this test before, among which are the United States, Russia and China. Moreover, according to Indian experts the test was previously studied so that the explosion did not affect the other instruments that are in orbit and the debris then fell to Earth, something that apparently was not very accurated.

For NASA, the risk to the Space Station has increased by 44% since the test was conducted. However, Bridestine wanted to make it clear that the lives of the astronauts in orbit will be safeguarded by them and that if necessary the ISS will be able to move a little to avoid the debris that endanger their safety.

The agency hopes that less and less tests of this type will be carried out, since they would be incompatible with the flight and space stay of human beings in general.


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