If you are a blogger, you must have faced the issue of lying low on the Search Engine Result Page, even though you felt your content was extremely relevant to the search query. This is a common issue faced by many website owners. They put in a lot of effort into making their content good, but end up not even coming in the top ten search result pages.

If you are facing this issue, do not worry. There are many ways you can increase your search engine rankings. Here are some of the most important things that you need to fix your website if you want to rank higher:


This may be fairly obvious, but one of the most important contributors to a high Google ranking is the quality of your content. Your content should make sense, be well structured, and unique. It should talk about what it claims to talk about and should give a sufficient amount of information.

In addition to making sure your content is right, you should also regularly update it. Failing to do so will eventually lead it to slip down the search engine page, even if it did hold a high position once. So updating your content frequently is almost as important as writing new content.


Keywords are your most important tool in attracting people to read through your content. They describe what your post is actually about, and also help search engine users to reach your site. Therefore, knowing the keywords that people are typing in their queries is very important. Do some research beforehand, and learn what people actually want to know about. You do not want to create entire pieces of content based on keywords people are not even searching for.

Additionally, using your target keywords smartly can do a lot for your rankings. SEO experts at Healthy Links & VM Interactive suggest that you should add your target keywords into the post’s URL, as well as the Meta titles and descriptions. This not only helps improve your score with search engines, but it also helps readers understand the exact purpose of your post, consequently reducing your bounce rates.

Site Map and Structure

Your website should be easy to manoeuvre. If people cannot find what they need, they will not stay on your site for long, which not only negatively affects the users’ experience, but also reduces your ratings. Furthermore, search engines need to crawl through your site to understand it before they decide to index it, and they need an easy to follow the path to do this. This is why it is essential for your website to have a proper structure.

Creating a site map helps users as well as search engines to understand your site better. SEO experts at Healthy Links suggest having a well-planned navigation menu with subcategories available as drop-down menus so that your website seems arranged logically.

Another vital tip given by the SEO experts is not to have too much text in one place. Instead, break your text down into parts, and add proper headings over each part. This increases the readability of your posts and reduces bounce rates. By adding heading tags, you can also make it easier for search engines to understand the structure of your page, thereby increasing your chances of a better ranking.


Pictures are always a useful addition to a website. They make your content seem more attractive and exciting. However, add only pictures that are relevant to your content, and make sure they do not take too long to load. Use high-quality images and compress them before uploading them to your site. Add a name and alt tag with each picture; search engines cannot see your images but can read through the alternate text to know what the picture is about, and whether to index it or not, so make sure your descriptions are on point.

Loading Time

If your website takes too long to load, be assured that it will not rank well. Neither readers nor search engine bots like to wait for a website to load correctly. Make sure your content is not too heavy, and that it loads fast so that the user experience is positive.

There are other steps you can take to improve your search engine rankings as well, but we suggest starting with these, and then going from there. As ranking algorithms also keep changing, we advise staying up to speed with them, and to keep updating your website accordingly.


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