A Taiwanese woman came to the hospital with a stabbing pain in her eye, which at first she thought might be due to a broken lens, something she was wrong about, because the pain in her eye came from four live bees.

The 20-year-old girl, who lives in Kaohsiung, had been in the tomb of her ancestors in the cemetery, when she noticed something was getting into her eye, believing at that moment  it was a bit of dirt or dust, raised when sweeping the area. But time passed and the pain did not cease, so he went to the hospital with his left eye already very swollen.

At the medical center they found that his visual acuity had dropped from 1 to 0.1, so the doctor inspected his eyes. In doing so, he found a small leg, which he pulled out, extracting a small bee. This happened up to four times. The woman had under her eyelid four sweat bees, millimetric insects that are usually attracted by perspiration, which gives them their name.

Soon the woman had recovered 80% of the vision in the eye and the bees, still alive, were sent to a laboratory for study. The doctor, in statements to the Apple Daily News on Taiwan television, said that if the woman had rubbed her eye, the bees could have stung her, releasing poison and leaving her blind in that eye.


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