Microsoft and Xbox are in negotiations for the possible purchase of Discord. This is what Bloomberg assures based on its sources, a media that already advanced -by minutes- the purchase of Bethesda for 7.5 billion dollars last year. This chat service focused on video games had been looking for potential buyers for some time, setting its own price at 10 billion dollars, and in fact VentureBeat also claimed earlier this week the existence of negotiations with a major company, for a figure identical to that handled by Bloomberg.
Based on the sources of this media, it has been Discord that has contacted Microsoft to assess their interest, and it is Phil Spencer, leader of Xbox, who is in charge of the negotiation.

According to the economic media, Microsoft is one of the companies involved in negotiations with Discord, but the agreement is not imminent and Discord has also been offered to Epic Games and Amazon. The chat service is still evaluating the possibility of going public with a public offering versus an acquisition by another company. With a pandemic that has boosted the use of all online communication services, Discord has more than 100 million active monthly users, and is looking to become a general chat platform, rather than one dedicated exclusively to video games.

For its part, Microsoft is looking for new investments in the social networking arena, after pursuing acquisitions of TikTok and Pinterest last year. The purchase of Discord would also fit with the company’s strategy in the field of video games, focused on services, to expand the advantages offered by proposals such as Xbox Game Pass.

The chat service has also held talks with Epic Games and Amazon, of which no further information is available. The week has started with a lot of movement in the Xbox world, and this very morning it has been made official the name change in its online service: Xbox Live will be renamed Xbox Network. Far from being the only news that awaits us these days, next Friday there will be an Xbox event focused on future indie games.



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