Sometimes we tend to think that online marketing is something relatively new, and it even seems that the whole strategy is something revolutionary that starts from nothing. The truth is that, in the vast majority of cases, they are nothing more than a re-adaptation of old business concepts to new channels.

This is exactly the case of conversational marketing: something as old as interacting with the customer but digitally transformed using the right tactics and tools.

Why use this strategy

The tools do not make the strategy. It is also essential to adopt conversational marketing as a different methodology if we really want to take advantage of it.

1 – Humanize the interaction

Even if we use Artificial Intelligence, the user’s feeling is that he feels important, listened to. The brand addresses him proactively.
In addition, we have the possibility of using names and images (real or fictitious) of people.

2 – Directs the user

Generally, customers are not always sure what they want or need. A well-managed chat helps them move through the customer journey, advancing more quickly from one phase to the next.

They help to generate interest, compare if necessary with a touch of advice to boost cross-selling or up-selling and to build up recurring user loyalty even through promotions.

3 – Qualify customers

From a business conversation you get a lot of information about the customer. You may come to our website and find that there are certain brakes on the conversion. These may be attributable to the shop for usability, persuasiveness or accessibility, but also to the customer’s personal skills.

When they pass through the filter of conversational marketing, those customers who would have been frustrated not only increase the chances of buying on that visit, but we are giving them the resources to repeat the purchase themselves later.

4 – Helps us understand and improve

There is nothing more valuable than the opinion of customers to boost a business. We can extract many insights from them, especially when we detect messages in the same direction, patterns of behavior, recurring doubts, sales springs that convert better …

Even using some tools, a satisfaction survey system can be included directly in the chat, which values both the attention itself and the service or product. It’s quick, people get involved and they are very helpful.


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